Transformation Lifes and Deaths

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A Personal Choice

To Attain Ultimate Freedom

Transformation is a movement, the leaving from a point to another.

The leaving involves a process, comprising of a series of points, whereby at each point, the transformer is centered at either a form, an energy, or both.

The process is actually a living of one’s life.

The living is the difference between life and death.

Thus it is an art, a science, or both, within a tempo.

The tempo; from the beginning to the end, is a gift, from the God, comprising of, 2 lifes and 2 deaths to us; you and me.

The beginning is a temporary death, followed by a temporary life, and a temporary death, then, finally a permenant life.

You and me, we are here now, in a temporary life. Before, we were somewhere, in a temporary death, soon, we are going somewhere, also in a temporary death, and then, we shall be there, ressurected to a permenant life.

As we can see, the word “here” occurs at all four stages of our arrivals which denotes continuous transformations.

Do you see now the importance of transformation?

That is the transformation of us from death to life, to death, then to life again. Forever.

Death is when you and me, we are each an energy with the absence of a form; which is a soul without a body, or we are a form with the absence of an energy; which is a body without a soul.

Life is when we are each a combination of the presence of both an energy and a form, or a form and an energy; which is a soul with a body, or a body with a soul.

You and me, willingly or reluctantly, we are changing from an energy without a form, to an energy within a form, then, to a form without an energy, and finally an energy within a form.

Surely, the past has departed. The future has not arrived yet, the option worth considering, is being at this point, and living with the focus on now. Now, is the present moment. Because this is the only moment when you and me, we are both an energy with a form, or a soul with a body.

Thus, pertinent at this point, I share the intention, and the act of inviting you, so that together we shall translate a common purpose, that is, let us choose to transform, and experience total energy while living now in total form.

The God willing more shall I share with you on Transformation

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